Hooking for Good – Mail Bag Edition

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I’ve been scrambling a bit to finish my last project for Hooking for Good – due partially to the holidays, partially some wonderful out of town visiting with the in-laws, and partially to my never-ending to-do list.  Just thinking about it is giving me anxiety.

Luckily, these late nights are a little easier after checking the ol’ mailbox.  It’s been full of some pretty heartwarming Hooking for Good happiness.  If you’re looking for an excuse to start donating your handmade items, I can say the mail makes it totally worthwhile.

First, I got a letter from Youth Services in Wheeling, which is the current home of the plastic mat I made.  I was so touched that they took the time to write me a letter, including the story of one of the residents and a picture of the mat in action (it will be given away when the shelter closes for the season in March).

Youth Services shelter - hijennybrown.com

Youth Services shelter - hijennybrown.com

Wheeling Youth Services Letter about crochet plastic mat- hijennybrown.comI also got a postcard from We Are Kenya – I love that they used the word “cozy” to describe the scarves my mom and I made.  So sweet!

We Are Kenya - Thank You

we are kenya back

And I already got a postcard from Emily’s Hats for Hope thanking me for the hat I made and Mr. A modeled.  I’m so glad she liked Alexander’s drawing (he drew a sweet top hat on the envelope).

emily's hats for hope thank you - hijennybrown.comI’ve just got a few more ends to tuck in before I settle down for a long winter’s nap.   Hope y’all are having a wonderful holiday surrounded by people you love!

Jenny Brown

PS – Yesterday was out last giveaway, and it was a book by the awesome author, podcaster, and fancy business lady Kari Chapin.  Our winner is Michaela!  Congrats!



2 thoughts on “Hooking for Good – Mail Bag Edition

  1. Hi, Jenny! That was a very heartwarming post! I love the title, Hooking for Good. I’m going to share this in my favorite crafty group as well as my personal and biz page. You, my dear, are such a dear! ♡ Looking forward to a collaboration with you next year . . . you game? Can I entice you with a pink Martha Stewart Bone Folder?

    Love ya, Jenny! Enjoy the heck out of the rest of your year! Thanks for being such a lovely and encouraging part of my year! ♡

    1. Hi, Nancy! Thank you so much for all your sweet comments! And yes, totally down for a collaboration, bone folder or not (although I’d really like that folder – ha!)

      Love ya, too, Nancy! I hope you have a great December, too! It was so fun talking with you, and a million thank yous for all your kindness and laughs this year! I’m so glad we met and can’t wait to see what next year brings 🙂

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