New Pattern: Crochet Bannerama

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With a name like “Bannerama,” it has to be good!

Crochet Bannerama - Hi, Jenny BrownI’ve been working on this pattern FOR-EVER, and I’m so glad I got all the checking and rechecking done for Cyber Monday.  I mean, can you image how beautiful these would be along a mantel for the holidays?  How could I keep that from you guys?

I know you’ve seen buntings and banners before, but you’ve never seen any constructed like these!  Sturdy and creatively constructed, each one is something you can proudly reuse for years and years.

Let me introduce you to the three new patterns that make up this pattern multipack:

hello garland - happy birthday banner - Hi, Jenny Brown BUNTING PATTERN: This traditional bunting pattern has a twist: a hidden cord sewn in to keep flags in place, as well as and a fold-over design that keeps the back of your work out of sight.

hello garland - happy birthday banner - Hi, Jenny Brown

GARLAND PATTERN: This curved design is perfect for a photo props and weddings or to decorate a kid’s room. It features a fold-over design that hides ends, and flags are connected with a scalloped edge.

happy birthday banner - Hi, Jenny Brown

BANNER PATTERN: This banner has a lot going for it, including easy to create pieces and a customizable design that allows you to remove and add characters. Make new messages for any event – you’re only limited by the length of your cord.

So much coolness, right?  Erin did all the photography on the Jersey Shore, so the whole pattern has a beachy feel.  Even though they were shot in early November, it still makes me feel a little warmer just looking at them.

There are two versions of the new pattern:  The Crochet Bannerama Multipack includes the three new banner patterns and does not include the letter, number, and punctuation motifs. It’s perfect for anyone who already owns the motifs and is looking for a fun way to use them.

Crochet Bannerama - Hi, Jenny Brown

The Superpack includes the three banner patterns plus the 3 motif patterns (uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers & punctuation).  It’s perfect for anyone who has not yet purchased the motifs and would like both patterns at a discounted price.

Superpack - Hi, Jenny Brown Both patterns are available on Etsy, Ravelry, and Craftsy.  They’re on sale for Cyber Monday: just $3 for the Multpack and $9 for the Superpack. Also, from now until December 31, $1 from every pattern sold will be donated to Action Against Hunger.

Special thanks to Erin, who took and edited all the photographs, and to Casey of Plus 3 Crochet, who did pattern testing.  I really appreciate it, ladies!

Jenny Brown


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