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As some of you already know, one of the first things I did after moving to NJ was apply to the Etsy New York Team.  Our first meeting was last month in the Etsy offices, and I was trying really hard not to be a fan girl…but, I had to snap one little picture.

Etsy offices - just before the Etsy NY team meeting

I’m so honored to be part of this amazing, varied team of artists and crafters.  Since joining, I’ve been doing a wee bit of shop stalking, and I think y’all will enjoy this healthy helping of my favorite listings from the team.  (And once you’re done with these 17 (!!!) bits of awesomeness, go to Etsy and search for “etsynyteam” to see all the goodness greater NYC has to offer).

Heart Mechanic

Coney Island - HeartMechanicArt on
Source: HeartMerchanicArt via

Calina Hiriza prints her pieces onto wood because she loves the resulting texture…I love it, too. Her Coney Island print is a bright, beautiful nod to a NY icon. 

Spirit of the Druid

Lavender Druzy Stud Earrings
Source: Spirit of the Druid via

Belinda Cundari‘s captivating stone & metal pieces are inspired by nature & Celtic themes.  I imagine wearing these Lavender Druzy Studs on a sunny day so the light sparkles around my face and draws attention away from my frizzy hair.  Shoot, I sort of ruined the fantasy there…


Adenta Granny Square Crop Top - Mawusi
Source: Mawusi via

I had a crocheted halter as a kid, and (sorry, Mom), it can’t hold a candle to this Adenta Granny Square Crop Top.  Jane sells a variety of handmade clothing and accessories in her shop, including many stylish interpretations of traditional crochet items (like this amazing scarf).

Romi Ceramics

White with Tuquoise Large Spinner - romiceramics
Source: Romi Ceramics via

 Romi Hefetz makes these beautiful ceramics in her Long Island studio.  I love the sleek, modern look of this White with Turquoise Large Spinner, which also sort of reminds me of the Lifesaver Lollipops of my youth.  I keep looking around the room, picking out the perfect place for it to rest with a flowering cactus or candle.

Chelsea and Marbles

You Are My Sunshine - ChelseaandMarbles
Source: Chelsea and Marbles via

Like everyone I’ve ever met, I have a soft spot for the song “You Are My Sunshine.” That crushingly depressing second verse is but a distant memory as I stare into this super sweet knit & embroidered pillow by Katie Davis.  And while you’re in her shop, be sure to check out her collection of precious amigurumi.

Miss Prism Presents

Handknit Cowl - MissPrismPresents
Source: Miss Prism Presents via

I feel terrible using a shot of this Handknit Cowl that covers up Ms. Lampert’s face, but I can’t get enough of that knitting!  I was lucky enough to chat with her at our new member meeting, and fell in love with her colorful crocheted headbands. (‘Twas an unrequited love affair due to my wool allergy.  Boo!)

Amara Felice Clothing

Blue Floral Print Summer Dress - Amara Felice Clothing
Source: Amara Felice Clothing via

I live my life almost exclusively in pants, but I do have fantasies of wearing Amara’s beautiful Blue Floral Summer Print Dress back home with the express purpose of running into exes who never appreciated my quirky side.  It also comes in a skirt, if you want to be twinners.

Brooklyn DIY Supply

Mustard and Pretzel kid combo - Brooklyn DIY Supply
Source: DIY Brooklyn via

If you want to have quintessential NY experiences but insist on making all your own food (or can’t handle the long train ride), this Pretzel & Mustard Kit is perfect for you (or maybe you’d rather make your own bitters and create some delicious cocktails – I don’t judge).  Awesome, right? And if you want to have a pretzel rolling contest, call me up (I’m pretty good).

Harp and Thistle

Tree of Love - Harp and Thistle
Source: Harp and Thistle via

Come for the punchneedle avocado, stay for the Tree of Love.  I love that this Scotch/Irish couple works together to run such a fun shop.  Are you reading this, Craft Husband?

Little Llama Shop

Mini Photographer Camera Bodysuit - The African Llama
Source: Little Llama Shop via

As the BFF (we just explained this term to my friend’s 5 YO – every child you meet at the playground is not your BFF) of a talented photographer, I am in love with this Mini Photographer Camera Bodysuit.  Maybe I can convince her to have a few more kids? There are so many sweet kid clothes in Kate’s shop, and  I also love her little tooth fairy cuties.

K. Batty Stationery Shop

You Should Know That - KBatty
Source: K. Batty Design & Stationery via

Full disclosure: Kerry is my team mentor and kindly puts up with questions like: “Um, uh, I am new and I, like, don’t know?” She answers such nonsense very kindly and is a fellow lover of white space.  I think everyone needs these You Should Know That Fill in the Blank Cards so they can write nonsense in smeary marker that leaves the recipient really wondering.

John Met Betty

Velvet Clutch - John Met Betty
Source: John Met Betty via

I have a ridiculous love of velvet and tiny purses.  Oh gosh, I just want to fill this Velvet Clutch with Freedent & crochet hooks before I hit the town.   Jillian also makes vegan leather purses that are way more chic than the basic, pleather purses of yore.

Purl B Knit

Incognito Balaclava Caplet - PurlBKnit
Source: Purl B Knit via

I was just telling E & Craft Husband how much I miss my beard hat (which I stupidly gave away) because it was so crazy warm.  This Icognito Balaclava Caplet would be such a stylish replacement, eh? I love Brandi’s style and color choice, and she has the most creative patterns (Blue Fish Alpaca Hat, anyone?)

Modern Fibre

Harvest Cowl and Circle Scarf with Ruffles - ModernFibre
Modern Fibre via

Am I the only one who sees tentacles in this cozy Harvest Cowl and Circle Scarf with Ruffles? (And is calling it Cthulhu-esque a step too far?).  Sue’s shop is full of wonderful knit jewelry and accessories, and I could lose a paycheck there, no problem.

 Jemima Jackman 

Head Scarf - Jemima Jackman
Source: Jemima Jackman via

I have a lot of bandanas from my days as an AmeriCorps member/wanna-be hippie, and I have to admit, I still wear them today.  I think it’s time to step up my game with one of Jemima’s Head Scarves, which have the best blend of color and pattern.  I asked my friend’s 2 YO if I should buy one for his mom, and he answered: “Has one.” Is 2 the age when men start hating shopping?

Simply Nu

Narwhale soft sculpture - Simply Nu
Source: Simply Nu via

The only thing I pray is that the Narwhale trend never ends – I love this little Eco cutie who is made of recycled bottles (and not my nemesis, allergy-causing wool). And if you aren’t down with magical animals, there are plenty of other cute creatures in the shop.

Knit Knit

Pattern - Knitted Power Cord - Knit Knit

You didn’t think I’d make a list without a Electronic Download pattern, did you?  Seriously, how great is this Power Cord Necklace Pattern?  Please know that Nguyen’s necklace will be around my neck all fall (possibly along with one of her animal necklaces)…

Hopefully you all enjoyed this peek into my new team (squee!), and many thanks to my new teammates who let me use their photos here. Be ready for some new pattern goodness next week.

Jenny Brown


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  1. I don’t already have one, but I do want one…

    And a unicorn for Charlotte…

    And, the cord. Oh, how I want the cord. Unless you think Babes will stick that in the outlet too…

    Congratulations on your peer group, I think you will (wool) blend in well!

    1. Your wool puns are always enjoyable (although I think I’m becoming allergic to them 🙂 )
      There is a lot of good stuff for us to buy – I’ll make you a plug, and you can sew a fake outlet? Do you think that will work?

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