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I’m currently a little, teeny, tiny bit addicted to Instagram.  I totally dig getting a glimpse, one snapshot at a time, into the lives of crafters and artists around the world.  So addicted, in fact, that I think I’ll be making this amazing pillow by Hopscotch Lane (you can get the pattern yourself on Etsy for just $5) as soon as I get my couch out of storage…


photo by hopscotch lane

I think this is why I’m so jazzed to take the Creative Live “Instagram Marketing for Small Business” class starting tomorrow (June 9-11).  While I’m admitting addictions: I’m also a bit addicted to Creative Live.  The classes are great, and the chat during the live classes is pretty spectacular.  In fact, the chat is where I found a lot of my new favorite instagrammers: fellow crafters sharing some serious creativity.

So, if I were you, I’d get on the Instagram bandwagon pretty soon.  And whether you’re already a user or just starting out, I suggest you follow the 10 awesome instagrammers below:

  1. @fcollected – the feed of my bestie and Hi, Jenny Brown pattern photographer Erin of Folks Collected.  Check out her retro-looking kid pics and hilarious commentary.
  2. @knithacker – not just because she featured my stop sign (thank you, thank you, thank you!), but because that feed contains all the knit (and crochet) hilarity, art, ingenuity, and geekitude a crafter can ask for.
  3. @lexibellaart –she had me at poolside spray art  — in a bikini, of course. Great graffiti pics.
  4. @molliemakes – consistent crafty eye candy from across the pond.  You may need a drool protector for your keyboard.
  5. @oleknyc– My love of infamous crochet artist Olek is nothing new, I know.  Tons of amazing yarn-bombing and behind-the-scenes shot of her installations.
  6. @twinkiechan – I can never get enough Twinkie Chan, and her feed doesn’t disappoint. Food + crochet always equals goodness
  7. @yarnbombs – a cowboy-hat wearing crochet/knit artist who yarn bombs giant boulders in the mountain.  The result is cooler than you can imagine.
  8. @trailandcompass – if an instagram account could infect you with wanderlust, this would be the one.  Don’t forget to check out her beautiful jewelry pieces.
  9. @katiemontgomery – she’s a friend of a friend, but I’m not biased.  I always want to be where she is, eat what she’s eating, and definitely drink all that wine.
  10. @tracyshutterbean – come for the avocado toast, stay for the black & white ensembles.  (bonus points if you check out her feed while listening to the podcast she hosts with her baker buddy: the Joy the Baker Podcast)

Plus one extra:

@hijennybrown – Seriously, why don’t we hang out?  Unless you want to shame me about the unreasonable number of ice cream cone pics I post – that’s not cool.



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4 thoughts on “Instagram Crazy

  1. Great collection of Instagrammers. Just wanted to let you and your readers know that when people tag their crochet posts with #crochetconcupiscence or #crochetsavedmylife they have a chance of being featured on my Crochet Concupiscence blog, which gets 250,000 monthly page views and celebrates crochet in every way. (I’m kvercillo on Instagram.)

    1. Oh my goodness – thank you. I’m starting to think this list has a lot in common with my weekly grocery list (missing many important entries). I love your feed and I’m so glad you included your info! Folks, follow her and get your hashtag on! I’ve heard that being featured on the Crochet Concupiscence is uber flattering and awesome.

  2. I love your blog, I love your crochet. I love your sense of humor. You would think with having a new biz opening on Friday, that is essentially just a ginormous craft room, that I would know how to crochet. I don’t. I have oodles of crochet hooks, vintage & new, metal & plastic. I have a mini library of how-to books and a crapload of yarns and threads . . . so why don’t I crochet. Because I am exhausted! I can’t wait till my biz opens on Friday and I can relax with all the crafty ladies and just hang out & craft or sew or scrap or maybe, just maybe someone will take pity on my sad lack of needlework skills and teach me to make a granny square. I would then be, truly . . . craft happy! Just getting this off my chest makes me feel better, like crochet therapy. I think I should make this comment my blog post for tomorrow. I’m going to bed now. Thank you for the inspiration from your blog post to mine. Nancy from Domesticraft

    1. Hi, Nancy! Don’t you love when you set down at the keyboard and things just start pouring out?

      Thank you for the kind compliments and good luck with the store! I’ve been following virtually, and I know it will be great. And don’t fear – once you get settled in, you’ll get back to your happy craft zone. And if no one will teach you, I will as soon as I make it out to the other coast!

      Psst: And folks, follow her @domesticraft!

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