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What sense does this title make?  Well first off, it’s my one year blogiversary!  Yeah!  Thank you all for hanging out with me. It’s been a good year!

Also, I am on my way to becoming a super blimp.  The temporarily homeless life is no good for those who may want to continue wearing the same size jeans.  Let’s start with my breakfast this morning…


Salt bagels and crumb cake – it’s like New Jersey was made for me!

Before heading to Jersey, I stayed for a few weeks with my sister, and we had a cookout with my parents and her family.  Craft Husband swears he has never had a mountain pie (really?), so we made some with crescent rolls and pie filling.  We also cooked Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in the mountain pie tins and were pretty excited about the results (low heat is the key).  Sorry no pictures – we were too busy stuffing our faces.


And we just had to toast marshmallows to top off the feast of roasted corn and potatoes, burgers (veggie and other), hotdogs, macaroni salad, and fruit.  My sister was bragging about her toasting skills just before her marshmallow caught fire.

liam liam2

And how cute is the nibbling marshmallow fiend? (BTW – my sister and I made that R2D2 shirt earlier in the week with a freezer paper stencil).

Another caloric moving moment – you will have to say good-bye to all your friend, probably over beers in some dark, dark bars.  I’m starting to wonder if Michael cared more about the Sierra Nevada than he did about my move…


But do not fear that I am focusing all my time on stuffing my face and looking for larger pants!  There are more crafts coming soon!  I’m doing a little pattern testing while watching Handmade Business guru Kari Chapin on Creative Live.  Just the level of activity I need before my next feast meal.


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8 thoughts on “Good Year Blimp

  1. Hmmm, your crochet piece looks the the start of an Oreo cookie. But maybe that’s because I have food on the brain after reading your post!

    1. Ha ha! That is a super cool idea (and the good news – there are plenty of patterns for them out there). Mmm…I could go for a nice plate/package of oreos and a big cup of cold water (I can’t stand cookies & milk – weird, I know).

    1. Oh my gosh, Thalia. Prepare for some deliciousness!
      You make them with a two-piece cast iron square or rectangle on a long stick. You put in a piece of buttered bread, then you top it with whatever you like (sauce, cheese, and veggies; or pie filling or whatever you like), then you put another piece of buttered bread on top. You put the other iron on top to seal it in, then you hold it over a campfire. It’s a yummy, gooey camping sandwich, basically. You can also use it to cook eggs, cinnamon rolls, etc. You can google or search pinterest for recipes and ideas.

      1. I used to do that camping or over the gas stove…never knew there was a name for it, I was just a kid creating stuff! I never got that creative, though. I may have to go find one of those things again. I haven’t seen one in years! Thank you for the yummy reminder, my kids have no idea what a treat they are in for!

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