To Infinity…and Beyond

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This month I decided to start advertising on Ravelry.  Yeah!  And while the revenue isn’t pouring in (as I imagined in my “The Secret“-eque visioning), there is one benefit: my research led me to spend a lot of time gawking at a ton of knit and crochet modeling.  I am always amazed when the designer is the model – you can make amazing things, and look beautiful, and pose perfectly (and did you take that photo yourself)?  Why do I simultaneously love and hate you?

So, when E asked me to make an infinity scarf for her mother-in-law (and yes, E is getting a bit demanding these days – ha ha), I thought it was a good excuse to get in some modeling time.  My first attempt at the scarf was crocheted, and while I liked the patterning, it wasn’t long enough.


I grumpily frogged and decided to knit, since that takes less yarn.  Unfortunately, in my huffy rush to restart, I forgot that stockinette curls.  Luckily, that kind of works for an infinity scarf.  At least, that’s my story. Also, my knitting + bumpy yarn = the most knobbly, uneven final product possible.  But I think it’s kind of charming.  Is there too much delusion going on in this post?  Not yet.  Let’s get to that modeling! These are courtesy of Craft Husband and my backyard.


I really tried to do one of those “look away thoughtfully” poses, but I feel like it, more than any picture of me to date, embodies my general sense of sarcasm.  Also, scarf is not artfully ruffled.  B+


The straight on version says “Newbie Blogger,” but the wild hair says “Who Cares?” C-


The scarf looks a lot better in this one, but the bad lighting is not Rav-worthy.  Of course, who can blame me for wanting to have a beer and wear a cute new scarf on the first beautiful, bright day of “Spring” (yes, “Spring” will be in quotes until we have an entire week without snow).  D+


This one shouldn’t have even made it to the blog, not just because you can tell I threw my shoe on in a crazy rush to catch the sunlight before it disappeared again.  The pose is ridiculous, and who knew my apartment steps were fifty shades of ugly?

But looking at it makes me genuinely happy.  A+. Hopefully you all are also having a happy, sunny, fun day.

Jenny Brown


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