Toys! Toys! Toys!

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E has kindly asked (demanded) that I make her youngest, Babes, a new knit or crochet toy.  Nevermind that I have made these children one million yarny toys, she would like a new one because Babes has not “attached” to any of the previous ones.

I’m really thinking about making the monkey from Mochimochi Land.  I made Anna’s raincloud before, and I find her patterns super easy to follow (even for a non-knitter).  OK, full disclosure, I don’t really follow ALL of the direction – there may be a little improvisation, which is why my cloud doesn’t look exactly like hers.  However, Alexander said he likes mine better because it’s more bright and cheery.  That’s good enough for me.


Of course, these children already have a knitted, stuffed monkey.  This one was my own improvised design…and as you can see from this recent picture, it’s something that Babes just can’t bond with.


And here he is “not bonding” with a crocheted monkey I made up for his brother almost 5 years ago. (True story – I hate this monkey.  I wish E would throw it away.  It is in terrible, horrible, disgusting shape.  It was one of the first toys I ever made, and it shows.  Made with a pretty terrible garbage yarn…and still, she keeps it)


Another favorite that day: President Obama, based on an old Lion Brand pattern.  That was a pre-wool allergy discovery (for those of you who recognize the Wool-Ease).


One last lonely, unloved toy: Muno, from Yo Gabba Gabba!  He was another improvised project, crocheted around a soft doll from Jo-Anns.  So unloved, in fact, that he was given the world’s ugliest socks (my first).


(Even cute on a this fancy baby)


Maybe I should go the same route I did with Liam and just make accessories for one of his existing toys.  This is Pinkie Pie (won from a claw machine).  While Liam slept, I made her a little hat and blanket, which he thought was cute…it would save me from buying that monkey pattern…


* All photos (except the last) are by Erin Markan, who fully admits she has too many yarn toys. 

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  1. That was such a sweet post! I love how Babes mom is asking for more stuffies cuz he doesn’t play with them..,but there is evidence of it all around! What a little cutie!

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