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I’ve been having a heck of a time lately (can anyone say “heck of a time” and not sound like a grandpa?) finding yarn for a specific project.  Since I have a wool sensitivity (imagine eyes swollen shut and super attractive rashes), a whole category of beautifully dyed yarn is off the table.  In fact, all animal fiber yarns are out, so I spend a lot of time wishing, praying, hoping for the perfect yarn and settling on some random acrylic out of desperation.  So annoying when you’re trying to pick a scheme for new patterns.

Well, when the going gets tough, I go to Pittsburgh.  And, spoiler alert, I didn’t find what I was looking for…but I did find a lot of goodness.

First, Craft Husband and I went to this super cool store called Construction Junction.


Every corner was packed with building materials of every type and age and color.  There was something really beautiful about the piles of history so lovingly arranged.  I don’t own a house, but plenty of things were really pulling me, like these bulb covering globes.


And there were art pieces composed of recycled materials tucked into corners and eaves throughout the store.


Did I say “tucked?” I meant, looming.


Next door was the amazeballs Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse.  Wowza.


It was kind of like walking into a larger version of my current craft room – every little vintage possibility and reusable treasure was there ready for an amazing project.


I took this pic so I could walk away without buying one.  No, I do not have a use for this. Maybe an early birthday present for E?


Bag O Mat killed me.


As did the collection of paper.  I will be back for you all soon, little paper bits.


There were plenty of project ideas (some more practical than others).


And yarning supplies (Can you believe I didn’t buy all the crochet hooks?  Craft Husband said that must mean I have enough already.  Ha!).

Prices were amazingly reasonable, and if you’re in the area, I definitely recommend it.

CH and I had worked up quite an appetite trying to spend money, so we headed for lunch at the Burgatory.  They have an amazing veggie burger, but I got the special of the day: a super delicious fried eggplant sandwich.  I washed it down with a beer that I imagine was named after me – Helltown Mischievous Brown.


I think it did make me feel mischievous, because then we decided to get milkshakes.  What a great/bad idea.  I had a fluffer nutter butter – Marshmallow Fluff, you are my spirit animal.


It was a great, inspiring day – not what I hoped to achieve, but definitely what I needed.  But don’t think I’m losing my passion: I still bought a few balls of yarn.


Here’s to wishing you a happy hooky day soon!

Jenny Brown


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