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Y’all know I love my super cute helpers, and Mr. Babes (as he is unfortunately nicknamed) never disappoints.

I headed over to Erin’s house so she could photograph my crochet Valentines.  It was so crazy cold that I wore a hat and my enormous cowl.  The hat was a gift from Erin’s mom (so cute!) and the scarf I made for myself out of scrap Homespun.  It was my first knitting loom project, and I maybe overestimated the number of stitches needed.  It is so very toasty, though.

Well, as Erin and I were deep in conversation about the Valentines (or our husbands), Mr. Babes saunters in modeling my hat and scarf.  Oh how I wish I looked this good in them!  What a funny, cute kiddo he is!