Adventures in Toddlersitting

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No crafting this weekend because my little nephew Liam,  who is 3, has been here for his first overnight trip without Mommy or Daddy.  It went as one might expect (crying/playing/eating garbage food/playing/refusing to sleep,  crying,  etc.)  It was pretty fun. My sister asked if the experience convinced me to have kids. I’m worried that she is a crazy person.

Below, my only photo from our babysitting adventure:


It’s true – I am a bad aunt.  This was from our ill-advised trip to Michaels,  where he enjoyed touching EVERYTHING (duh , right?)  I just couldn’t resist grabbing a shot of these vintagey, glittery fake flowers. That’s heading straight to Pinterest.

Okay,  I guess I did snap one more picture: the mother and child reunion at the Olive Garden (Liam’s FAVORITE restaurant – I wish you all could hear him pronounce it). The noodle hanging out of his mouth says it all.


Aunt Nene/Jenny Brown


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