The Rainbow Connection

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Don’t you just love hearing: “Oh, hey, you do crafts! Can you make me a…”

I usually answer “no.” Not because I’m mean (although I am), but because in most cases, the thing would be cheaper or better to buy, would take an ridiculous amount of time to make, or is generally ugly.  Oh, plus no one ever wants to pay for it.

But when my cousin asked me to crochet her a hat, she said the two magic words: “rainbow” and “pay.”

Rainbow projects are awesome: First, there are plenty of rainbow songs that will run through your head while you work. And second, it requires mucho yarn shopping.

I’ve been wanting to try Knit Picks Brava worsted yarn for some time, and I thought this was a great chance to take advantage of the wide array of colors.  When the box came in the mail, I was in the middle of another project and thought I would wait a few days to open it.


Um, yeah.  That lasted almost an hour.


The colors are super cute (although the orange wasn’t as vibrant as I expected – it looks brighter in this over-flashed pic) and the yarn was pretty soft (especially for an acrylic).  Woo hoo!  As usual, I looked at a million patterns and then just went off on my own…I wanted to make sure the stripes were even and that the end hat wasn’t too long.


Which involved ripping back at the laundromat.


And at Starbucks (don’t judge).

And a few times more at home, in the car, and again at Starbucks (OK, maybe you should judge).


The final hat is still a little long after all.  So long, in fact, that Craft Husband had to take pictures of me in our yard from the second floor to get the whole hat in.   I’m sure my neighbors think we are insane, and they are right.  Please enjoy this pic of my big…hat.


Jenny Brown


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