The family that crafts together…

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I guess now is the time to admit that my parents are nomads.

OK, not in the traditional sense.  But a few years ago they gave up their house (to my sister), sold their unnecessary possessions, and packed the remainder into an RV.  They “summer” in Pennsylvania and “winter” in Alabama.

As much as I hate to admit it, winter is coming.  They’re heading back to the south soon, so they, along with my sister and nephew, made a quick stop today to the Hi, Jenny Brown headquarters.

We made a ridiculous mess of chips, chalk, tiny paper cut-outs, k’nex, and yarn.  I always love pulling out all my crafty goods for my nephew: you want to play with tiny yarn balls?  I have that.  You want to punch-out paper stars and throw them at family members?  We have the technology!


In the midst of this free-for-all, I told my mom that my pom-poms were decidedly not awesome. She gave me a quick tutorial and we made this uggo. (I’m sure its ridiculous nature had nothing to do with the open liquor bottle in the background.)  Poor nephew Liam had to take it home.  I hope it doesn’t give you nightmares, buddy.


The worst DIY of the day: this piece of cardboard my mom started using as a coaster. Now, I’m sure you can tell from what I’ve written above that I don’t mind what my dad would call “wasting” craft supplies: but damn, that was a good piece of thick cardboard.  Oh well.  I classed it up for her a bit because, hey, who doesn’t love a personalized coaster?

Now that everything I own is in a giant yarn-wrapped pile in the living room, I guess it would be a good time to clean…or drink a PBR and stalk designers on ravelry.  One or the other…

Jenny Brown