Zombie Walk

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I am committed to telling the truth here, so I have to share…I don’t like making things for craft shows.

Sacrilege, right?  We’re all supposed to love making the perfect thing to place at our perfectly decorated table.  The type of thing we can stare at for 4-8 hours, then lovingly pack into the boxes we brought them in, to be indefinitely stored in a box marked “craft show” at the back of an overcrowded closet. Wait, is that just me?


Any way, my dear friend Annie asked if I wanted to share a table and get out the word about my baby Ohio Valley Handmade and her baby the Warsaw Craft Beer Stitch ‘n’ Bitch.  We had a few things to sell, too:  Annie and our friend Paige made hats, and I provided a few little stuffed cutenesses.


The little ghost is from my brain, and the pumpkins are from a Lion Brand pattern.  The ridiculous magazines are from the “kindness” of “friends” who know I do “crafts.”  All the doilies are from my mom – boy, does my mom love to make doilies.

The band-aids were Craft Husband’s idea for getting the word out about OVH – you know how folks are constantly getting bit in zombie movies and shows and act like everything is OK – right up until the point where they start gnawing someone’s arm off?  The band-aid stickers had little sayings on them like “Just a flesh wound” and “Guess who’s not making it to the sequel.”  I designed them in Illustrator and printed them on sticker full-sheets (bonus, they are already scored in the back, so they peel like real band-aids).  I loved them so.


And since it was a zombie-themed event, I made a bandolier to store my crochet hooks in a post-apocalyptic way.  T’was good on paper, but in case of a real apocalypse, I would argue against keeping your crochet weapons at the ready – they kept falling out.


The theme of our booth was decidedly eclectic grandma, which I dig, and Annie and her son made it a fun day.


The event was a bit rainy and attendance was not what they expected.  Although I had no sales, I did get to do a little bartering – I traded one of the pumpkins for this caricature from Lizzy Hannah (thanks, Lizzy!).  And before you feel obliged to tell me: yes, I know that hat is ridiculous.  But I knit it myself and I love it.  Sorry, friendos.

So, I think this will be my last craft show for some time.  Or, at least until someone asks me again!

Jenny Brown


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  1. Oh my god Jenny, I love you so much. The bandaids are awesome. And your bandolier is super ridiculous. To be as cool as you one day…

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