Everything’s right on schedule

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Oy, y’all.  Things are not awesome at Casa de Hola,  Jenny Pardo.   Nothing major –   but I’ve frogged every piece I’ve worked on in the past 2 weeks. Wrong patterns,  wrong yarn,  wrong colors… all the craft plagues are taking a turn. Looking at ball after ball of frizzy yarn and having nothing to show for it is putting me in the craft dumps.

So,  t’was time for edible therapy. Craft Husband and I headed to the grocery store for some much needed beer and chocolate chip cookie ingredients.  Forgetting that we couldn’t buy beer until 1 on Sunday, and realizing it was 11:45 (Please, do not judge.  It was a Football Sunday), we picked up some vegetables and perused the magazine rack. Below,  our best finds:


Ok,  this is probably a bad way to start,  but I can’t get over that tattoo… I imagine stickers were involved. Also,  I got in trouble by Craft Husband after taking this pic,  so you better believe I’m going to share it.    Please note: He knew this guy’s name.  I did not.  He also suggested I google “Colin Kaepernick” and “ESPN.” Ladies and gents: if this is the kind of thing you dig, you should.


This magazine would totally appeal to me – it’s the type of thing I buy and read while eating nachos in bed.  Have you ever spread a brick of cream cheese in a square pan, sprinkled it with a bag of cheddar, topped it with some pickled jalepenos, then broiled it until super bubbly?  Pour a little salsa on and open a bag of chips.  It’s a healing food (no, it’s not.  But it is tasty).


Every time I see this magazine on the shelf, I have to mutter “For the love of crochet!”.  It’s fun.


Has anyone else found it freaky that Martha NEVER has any wrinkles in her magazine?  Or, maybe this is a recent phenomenon, as I haven’t received the magazine in some time.  Here, here for the wrinkles, Marty!  And I am never unhappy to read a MS magazine – the goofy-eyed pumpkin in this issue are deluxe.


Some freaky stuff is happening in this issue of Crochet today! (another of my favorite chants: What do we want? Crochet! When do we want it? To-day!) There are scandanavian stockings that look like they should be hung by the fire instead of on a lady’s feet.  There are freaky tree hats.  A must-have people.  A must-have.

So, after all that fun, we bought a large quantity of cheese, some Sierra Nevada Flipside, and enough chocolate chips to make Willie Wonka gleeful.  Here’s to hoping all this fun inspires some FOs this week!

Jenny Brown


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