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You know that feeling when there’s a big picture of you in the local paper, and all you can think is “I’m not worthy!”, so you start thinking of all the things you’re not good at to balance the universe out?

No? Oh, shoot.

Well, sweaters totally baffle me. I mean, so many pieces, so many designs, so many things that can go wrong. Plus, knitting is not my strong suit. Crochet – dang, I have that stuff down. But crochet sweaters are so…meh.

So, here are some sweaters I’m in love with that I know I could never, ever make.

sweeter2 source:

Oh, Portlandia.  You are my lobster.  I’ve been pretty annoyed with Netflix lately because of the ridiculous recommendations.  I even considered cancelling my subscription.  But then they emailed that Portlandia Season 3 was available, and all was forgiven.  Is that sweater everything awesome?  Yes.  Yes it is. Also, everything about this “natural products” skit is pure gold.

pryor source: Saturday Night Live

Hi, Richard Pryor.  What’s that?  You’re wearing a freaking deluxe sweater on Saturday Night Live?  Why yes, that pink is particularly beautiful.  And those cuffs are killing me.  Richard, you can do no wrong.  Except setting yourself on fire.  That was not so good.

knitting dailysource: Knitting Daily-CreateTV

Eunny, I’m digging the sweater you’re wearing in this episode of Knitting Daily so hard.  1. Because the Abbey Pullover is so cute, and I love seeing the halos on the cuff as you knit 2. Because as you’re explaining knitting infinite cables, there is a repeated “chair squeak” that had me and my husband in stitches.  I seriously blamed him for the first two, which required repeated rewindings.  Check out Episode 913 if you, like us, are 8 years old.

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