Truth Time

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Truth #1: This picture (by Erin Markan) is on my desktop. Conceited? Maybe…It’s not like I look good or anything. There’s something about this semi-annoyed/semi-confused face that appeals to me. Oh well.

knit the bridge-8867

Truth #2: Sometimes I think to myself, “Where would I be without Erin?” and it is absolutely depressing.  She is seriously one of the most awesome human in my life.  Not only is she the kindest, most supportive friend in the whole world, but she also takes super amazing photos.  Check out some of me on the currently yarn-covered bridge in Pittsburgh.

knit the bridge-8958

knit the bridge-9127


knit the bridge-9052

knit the bridge-9070

Truth #3:  These kids are amazing.  Enough said.

knit the bridge-8988

Truth #4:  I love crochet.  Like, religion-level love it.  Also, I love this panel.  Yes, we are back to me being conceited, as I did help with it.  But doesn’t this pattern just look….awesome?  Yep, there are no other words.  It is just awesome.

knit the bridge-9101

Truth #5: I am currently addicted to graffiti movies.  I realize this makes no sense.  Also, I am in love with anyone who thinks a bridge is their personal post-it note.  See the plant peaking out, btw?  Love that, too.



Truth #6: These people are my heroes.  They are the folks I laugh with, drink with, craft with…and that tall one?  Man, he is freaking awesome.


Truth #7:  I like our other panel better than this one.  Sorry!


Truth #8: I quit my job.  Just thought I’d sneak that in there while no one was paying attention.

Truth #9: This is my last post about Knit the Bridge.  Honest.


Truth #10: I’m not positive about #9.

Jenny Brown