Yarn Bomb Training

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OK, I went to a training on how to cover a bridge in yarn…I mean, seriously? How cool is my life?


Today was the last training for “Knit the Bridge” (a project I’ve mentioned here before), and I cannot tell you how crazy excited I am for installation weekend!  I’ve been named a team captain, and let me just say, this is the greatest honor ever bestowed upon me.  Finally, all my days lashing yarn to polls and crocheting bricks has paid off.


I couldn’t believe how many folks outside of PA participated (although I think I’m very familiar with all four Wheeling pinners).


The ladies of Knit the Bridge are so crazy organized.  They even had a sample section of the bridge for practicing our yarn-bombing technique. (I know it’s blurry, but how often do you get to take a picture of your husband learning to whipstitch?)


In fact, they said if we knew the number of our panels, they could find them in their stocked warehouse.  Sadness – I had no idea, but I really missed our babies.


Next Saturday and Sunday is installation weekend.  I feel like Christmas is coming – you know that whole “I’m too excited to sleep” feeling?  Santa, please bring me good weather, good luck, and enough balance so I don’t fall off the bridge.

Jenny Brown


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