Darth Who

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When I’m working on a really time-consuming project, I try to trick my mind into thinking it’s fun. I get a treat every so many rows (it’s usually ice cream or beer, but on lucky days, both). Or I’ll set half-hour goals for myself that just happen to coinside with whatever show I’m currently binge watching. (right now it’s HGTV Star – at what point did design turn into shopping and cluttering semi-functional rooms?)

But occassionally, when things are really bad…say when I need to crochet 185 inches of black acrylic…I need to get a little more creative and let my imagination invent a fictional project backstory.  (Yes, I realize this is enough evidence to institute a 5150 hold).  And so, Darth Who was invented.  You know, the offspring of Darth Vader and the Fourth Doctor, known for his long black scarf.  And unlike Luke, if Darth Who’s father cut his hand off, he’d just grow a new one.  Plus, singing the Star Wars and Dr. Who theme songs back to back is pretty freaking fun – try it.

And thus, I had no choice but to pin the two black strips together and try them on like a scarf.


Which makes me wonder…


OK, maybe it’s time for a nap.

Jenny Brown

Sources: Darth Vader Mask and Tom Baker


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