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There are two things I’m currently addicted to: Dr. Who (I’ve watched 6 seasons this summer) and the flowering trees in my back yard.


This Dalek is part of a very cool Doctor Who Fair Isle knitting pattern by Amy Schilling.  I’ve never done fair isle, so I wasn’t ready to dive in (although that screwdriver…those angels…the cyberman!), so I thought a little cross-stitch would be a good way to test the pattern out and use up one of my 300 thrifted hoops, old glitter thread, and leftover burlap.


I think he’s quite precious – I love how muted it looks with the wood hoop, brown burlap, and gold thread.  I think it will look good on my front door, eh?


And sorry, green-thumbers, I don’t know what kind of tree this is.  Plants in my life come in two categories: Alive and dead.  This one is an “alive.”


There were so many bees swirling around me as I tried to snap a few Dalek pics.  I loved seeing their pollen-laden bodies…such gluttons!  And hey, anything’s better than giant wasps.

Jenny Brown


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