Go home, Brock – you’re drunk

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I was mercifully left out of work early yesterday, so I headed down the street to check on Brick and Brock.  Brick was fine, but looks like Brock had a few too many and couldn’t quite make it home.  I’ve been there, Brock.


So, I set him right.  Looking good, Brock.


Then I sat down on the bench and crocheted a little on my never-ending project.


Unfortunately, there are no pictures of what happened next: Craft Husband pulled up in a line of cars.  I rushed to grab all my junk, and a ball of yarn went rolling down the sidewalk.  I picked it up, laughing like a maniac, and tried to jump in the car.   Just before closing the door, I noticed the giant loop of yarn lagging behind.  Doh.

Jenny Brown


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