This is my idea of fun

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Today was, for me, an ordinary day. I woke up worrying about all the things I needed to get done. I looked around and saw a house not quite clean – things that needed to be put away, baseboards that needed to be dusted, curtains that hadn’t seen an iron in who knows when. I realized today was the last day of my vacation, and so, at 11:30 p.m., I would be back on the clock.
I packed up my latest crochet project and walked to E’s house.  We drove, with her 2+1 little ones, to the pool for swim lesson. And while the older two were in the pool, I accompanied the youngest (“Babes”) into the baby pool. With my jeans rolled up above my knees, we sloshed around the wading pool and giggled. After class, I plucked the second oldest from the pool, wrapped him in a towel, and cuddled him close.
When we got home, we sat on the porch, the kiddos enjoyed nutella and peanut butter sandwiches.  I grabbed a Diet Coke and pulled out my crochet project.  As I set myself up on the ledge, the eldest said “You know what? This is my idea of fun.”
Mine, too, buddy.


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