Brick and Brock

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A few blocks from my work, there are a series of benches, backed by brick walls, separating a parking lot from the street. I noticed a few bricks were missing, and seeing as my crochet hook can fix anything, I had to give it a go.  I just measured the hole, made a simple box, and filled it with wood scraps (thanks to Craft Husband, who trimmed down the wood).

So here is the big brother: Brick.


He’s endured for an entire month – can you believe it?  No one has touched him, moved him, taken him down.  I figured for his endurance, he deserved a little brother.

Husband and I put him in yesterday evening, but we didn’t realize there was an event in town and the parking lot would be guarded by a guy charging $5 to park.  I said “hello,” stuck the brick in the wall, and jumped in the getaway car.  I was so worried the guy would take him down immediately that we made another lap around the block.

We ran out this morning to check on him.  May I present the little brother: Brock.


Good luck, Brock!  I hope to see you and your big brother a month from now.


Jenny Brown


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