Magic Hats

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Beer hats - 12 in box

So, when someone asks me to make beer hats, I have to make them. Nevermind that I don’t understand the practicality. Nevermind that I have to knit them (and my knitting is sub-par on its best days).  And nevermind that she wanted a dozen.  I had to do it.

I knit 6 out of Simply Soft yarn (has anyone noticed that nothing made from this yarn is simple, and it is also not soft?) with a different design for each. And they were ugly, the decreases were off, and I hated them.

Time for round 2.

Beer Hats 1

I used some leftover Loops & Threads Yarn Gang yarn that I bought on clearance before it was discontinued. The colors are so bright, the selection is so vast, the cotton/acrylic mix is so soft…of course it would be discontinued.  I thought it was great for this project – I could make every hat a different color, which makes for great pictures. (I can say that because I didn’t take the pictures)

Beer Hats from top

This time I decided to do a much simpler pattern (no cables and ribbing only on the band) and top it all off with a nice big pom-pom.  I think they’re pretty great.  Impractical, but great.

Beer Hats - 12 no box

Photos by Erin Markan.  Thanks, Erin!


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